Account Coordinator

Job Overview

Greenville, SC

The Account Coordinator (AC) assists with coordinating and managing all day-to-day agency efforts on behalf of the client. The AC works closely with other agency departments to execute individual projects, ensuring that agency output adheres to client objectives, meets client deadlines, and achieves agency quality standards.  This includes meeting with and facilitating support from appropriate departments including creative services; digital, traditional and social media, web developers, public relations, etc.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

  • Supports the client services team in in various account services functions to move client work forward. Potential functions include responding to client communications (phone calls, emails, texts, etc.), creating agendas and meeting recaps, recording notes during meetings, managing workflows internally, keeping project management software up to date, opening/closing projects, implementing schedules, organizing internal and external meetings, tracking deadlines, conducting competitor research, and other miscellaneous tasks to fulfill client and company needs.
  • Updates internal project tracking documents and client files as needed. Provides accurate and timely reports during traffic meetings.
  • Maintains digital or hard copy files on client activities and maintains client correspondence file, approvals, copy, forms/documents, and supplies for daily processing and tracking of account service work,
  • Drafts creative briefs, facilitating review and input by more senior client services team members as needed.
  • Maintains deadlines and ensures all projects proceed on time and according to plan and proactively communicates potential challenges to supervisor and/or internal team.
  • Checks all copy, artwork, presentations, reports, agency and printers’ proofs, etc. to ensure that all work is accurate, in compliance with client brand standards and agency quality standards.
  • Completes internal processes in a timely manner (i.e. timesheets, updating tasks lists, etc.) to support a timely and efficient billing process.
  • Maintains basic knowledge of project budgets based on approved client agreements and draws attention to potential overages or additional needs as they arise.
  • Conducts competitive/category research in preparation for competitive audits and other requests

Desired Interpersonal Qualities

  • Must be detail-oriented
  • Problem solving skills
  • Demonstrates quality of work, responsibility, flexibility, respect, and positive attitude.
  • Must be able to work quickly and prioritize tasks, utilizing strong time management skills
  • Should possess strong work ethic and sound judgment
  • Should work well in teams and understand the value different team members bring to projects


  • 4-year college degree in marketing, communication, or related field; prior internships in the marketing industry a plus
  • Detail-oriented with a high level of organization
  • Excellent communication skills
  • High competency level of computer and software skills compatible with job responsibilities, especially proficient in Microsoft Office suite

Please send resumes via e-mail to Bryant Lambert at


    We are a full-service marketing and branding agency in Greenville, S.C., providing a range of services including public relations, social media, advertising, SEO and SEM, video production, web design, and digital marketing.

    Agency Purpose:
    At Crawford, our purpose is to help leaders lead. While many agencies focus on the client as a business or an organization, we focus on clients as individual leaders who need help achieving big and meaningful goals. Our niche is using vision driven communications to influence audiences as they face critical decisions.

    Crawford is known for providing strategic and creative communications, highly responsive customer service and significant, award-winning results for our clients.

    Agency Culture Philosophy:
    We are an amazing group of talented team members who are hungry, humble, and smart. Collectively and individually, we have a desire to continually improve ourselves, our craft, and the company so we can be our very best. We recognize and respect the expertise that others bring and value the opportunity to collaboratively work as a team.

    We also have a culture of kind candor. We would rather shine a light on a concern and discuss it, kindly and thoughtfully, than let it fester and become a bigger issue. There is value in addressing concerns head on so we can improve and be better.

    As colleagues, we value the opportunity to build one another up to maintain an upbeat and positive work environment. Finally, we love to celebrate life. We celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, babies; they celebrate work wins and team growth; we celebrate the little things that add up to mean a lot. 

    A Best Place to Work:
    Crawford has been included in the Best Places to Work list in South Carolina for the 5 years.  We believe the best companies are comprised of people who share a set of values that guide their behavior—the way they interact with peers, with clients, with anyone.

    These values matter: 

    • Be your absolute best: We hold ourselves to a high standard and continually strive to learn and grow and be a better version of ourselves each day.
    • Be positive: While we can’t pretend that everything is perfect, we can look at problems with a glass-half-full approach and let positive energy radiate to others. When we do, we can influence outcomes in a positive way.
    • Be a team player: We put we before me, and we know that none of us alone can do as much as we can together.
    • Be trustworthy: We do what is right, even when no one is looking. We can be trusted with big things and small. We know trust is the foundation of any strong relationship.
    • Be dependable: We do what we say we will we do. When we have agreed to a deliverable and timeline, we own it.

    These values should be part of the DNA of every member of the team so the team collectively “fits.” When everyone values the same things, it creates a diverse culture of people with a shared esprit de corps.