Haywood County TDA

Embrace Unusual

If there’s one big takeaway from 2020, it’s that nothing went according to plan. Work was at your kitchen counter, school was your living room, you forgot what people looked like from the nose down, and going to the store had a vibe reminiscent of what probably happened during the months before the first scene of The Walking Dead. In order to help Haywood County navigate this strange new reality, we needed to slap on our Sheriff’s hats and get cracking on ways to draw people into the beautiful North Carolina Smoky Mountains.

So, we invited folks to unlock their front doors, gather up their work computer/school supplies/various children and pets, and #EmbraceUnusual in the mountains. Here, they could rent a cabin, hook into the WIFI, and take their conference calls with a background they didn’t have to upload to Zoom. They could shake off the school daze and take science class to the fishing hole for some hands-on learning. We pleaded with them to stop letting their dogs make sad eyes at them all day and hit the trails with them instead. And they could do it all in an uncrowded, quiet place full of surprising adventures. A place that’s always been a little unusual at heart.