Katie Disper

Senior Account Supervisor

With a background in client relations and brand management, Katie uses her expertise to help develop and execute strategic marketing plans that drive growth. She also serves as a liaison between Crawford clients and the agency, working to ensure project goals are met and relationships are strengthened. Katie joined the Crawford team with 14 years of experience and has worked in a variety of industries including tourism and hospitality, manufacturing, sports marketing, and healthcare. Katie graduated from the University of Central Missouri with a degree in public relations.

Addie Sheek Portrait

What's one thing you can't go a day without?

Singing to my pets.

Describe your life in 5 words or less.

We’re going camping this weekend.

Describe the state of your desk on any given day?

Organized and tidy with everything in its place.

What are your hobbies?

Anything outdoors (hiking, camping, paddling, biking), traveling, telling people about my pets when they haven’t asked, crushing my annual Goodreads goal, baking, gardening, making my husband stand in front of things for pictures.

Finish the sentence: When in doubt...

Google it.

What is the most courageous thing you've ever done?

Hiked Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park in 90+ degree heat (and slipped once).