Crawford Celebrates First Recipients of Courage in Communications Scholarship at USC Upstate

Crawford is excited to share the first annual Courage in Communications Scholarship has been awarded to USC Upstate students Salleah Brown-Massey and Tyone Archie. Crawford established the scholarship to benefit USC Upstate communication students representing historically underrepresented and underserved minority groups.

“It’s critically important that we help to create opportunity for students in this industry and we are thrilled to see talented students like Salleah and Tyone receive the scholarship this school year,” says Andy Windham, President, Chief Strategy Officer at Crawford. “USC Upstate has a stellar communications program and we look forward to continuing to support students pursuing their dreams in this field. During National Scholarship Month, we celebrate the ability of scholarships to make an important impact on a students’ ability to continue pursuing their education.”

Tyone Archie is a senior, first-generation college student pursuing his Communications degree with public relations concentration and a minor in criminal justice from USC Upstate.  In addition to attending classes full-time, Archie, a Columbia native, participates in the Student Government Association to help address student issues.

Tyone Archie

Tyone expressed his feelings about being chosen:

“Being selected for this scholarship shows me the work I put in behind the scenes for Upstate isn’t going unnoticed. As a first-generation college student, this scholarship definitely eases the financial burden; however, being a first-generation college student who has no assistance from his parents, this scholarship does so much more than that. I’m able to continue striving towards greatness and eliminate the halt in education within my family. Furthermore, with this scholarship, I can continue ensuring my peers have a comfortable college experience at USC Upstate, so thank you. I hope that one day I will be put in a position to spread a similar feeling when I reach Alumni status.”

Salleah Brown-Massey is a sophomore from Fort Mill, SC studying communications and global studies at USC Upstate. She was driven by her love for traveling and communicating with others.  Along with being a full-time student, Salleah works on campus with the Resident Hall Association. Brown-Massey is the youngest of 9 siblings and the third to pursue a college education.

Salleah Brown

In her letter to the agency expressing gratitude, Salleah writes:

As the youngest of 9 siblings and one of three to actually pursue a college education, it has been a struggle being able to afford my education, but with your help, it has now become a bit easier to be able to move forward in pursuit of my dream, and I thank you profusely for giving me this opportunity. Going forward, I will work with more effort and a renewed vigor to make sure your donation is not futile. You have given me an improved chance, so I will make sure to see my education through.

The Courage in Communications Scholarship is given to full-time undergraduate students, during his/her sophomore, junior, or senior year, and who are pursuing a degree in Communications or Marketing.  Recipient(s) must be from a socioeconomically disadvantaged, historically underrepresented, and underserved minority group and must demonstrate financial need.