Crawford Interns Reflect On Their Experience

Crawford is proud to offer year-round internship opportunities for college students and recent graduates. This spring, Crawford had three interns, who worked in various departments within the agency. Sophie Catanzaro was an accounts and social media intern, Aaron Ritchie was an accounts intern, and I, May Harrelson, was the public relations intern. This experience allowed us to learn from seasoned professionals and better understand the tasks and responsibilities required in those roles as we consider our own futures in the industry.

Image of Lauren Fisch, Aaron Ritchie, Samantha Ferland, May Harrelson, and Emily Moseley
Pictured from left to right: Lauren Fisch, Aaron Ritchie, Samantha Ferland, May Harrelson, Emily Moseley
Not pictured: Sophie Catanzaro

All three interns wrote brief statements reflecting on their experience working with Crawford.

Sophie Catanzaro: This semester I have been fortunate to work with both the accounts team and social media team. My mentors for the internship were Lauren Fisch, Account Executive & Emily Simpson, Social Media Coordinator. It is evident that everyone at the agency wants the interns to have an engaging and meaningful experience. The office culture in general is upbeat and inviting- perfect for a student learning the ropes of agency life. Collaborating with two sides of the agency, and seeing how various client projects are intertwined, has been both exciting and challenging. Through this experience, I have been given clarity in terms of my career aspirations and the types of projects that compliment my creative skillset. Overall, this internship has exceeded my expectations and I was given many opportunities for growth.

Aaron Ritchie: The past 4 months, I’ve served as an accounts intern here at Crawford. During my tenure, I was tasked with assignments for some of Crawford’s biggest clients. These assignments have given me exposure to what agency life is like and better prepared me for client work after graduating. While I gained a great bit of agency knowledge during my time here, one of the most valuable aspects of my internship experience was being able to learn from people in the office. I was able to schedule meetings with multiple team members to learn more about their roles, and many provided me with professional advice- which would later help me land a full-time role for after college. Crawford’s greatest asset is its people, and the people here are what made this internship an incredible experience for me.

May Harrelson: This semester I was the public relations intern and I worked with Emily Moseley, Manager of Public Relations, and Brooke Miller, PR Account Executive. This internship gave me the opportunity to work on a variety of different tasks for various clients. I was able to learn more about the role public relations professionals play when working with different types of clients, and this allowed me to discover the industries that I am most interested in. Beyond learning more about myself and where I hope to take my career, I was able to strengthen my writing and research abilities by taking part in different projects and assignments. Overall, this internship allowed me to learn the necessary skills that are essential to working in the public relations field.

We are all incredibly grateful for our time spent at Crawford, the lessons we learned, and people we got to work with. The people here are not only intelligent and driven, but passionate about what they do. Following our internships here we will be entering the “real world” and we all agree that we feel much more prepared to face this new challenge with the knowledge we learned and skills we gained in our time at Crawford.