NC’s Brunswick Islands Brand Strategy

NC’s Brunswick Islands

Insight: In early 2022, North Carolina’s Brunswick Islands selected Crawford as its agency of record. The brand needed a refreshed brand message that conveyed the unique experience and character of this very special beach destination.

Vision: The five islands and six beach towns of the Brunswick Islands provide the true essence of the Southern beach vacation getaway. A key finding of our discovery process revealed that the purity of the Brunswick Islands beach experience was the key factor that brought individuals back to the area year after year. The Crawford team developed the “Return To Your Senses” campaign to position the area as a place for those who seek the pure essence of the beach—sun, surf, and natural beauty. Campaign media targeted four target segments: leisure/beach, golf, fishing, and weddings in video, print, and digital media channels. A critical part of the sales funnel, the Vacation Guide was reimagined to be aligned with the campaign.

Outcome: The “Return to your Senses” campaign created a renewed energy around the brand and delivered a more emotional, aspirational message that elevated NC’s Brunswick Islands as a choice for a family beach week or a quick getaway. The numbers were impressive. Web traffic was up. Consumer leads were up. Occupancy Tax revenues increased 10%. The all-important Vacation Guide experienced a 162% YOY increase in downloads and a 125% increase in printed Vacation Guide requests.