The Queen’s Health System


Insight: The Queen’s Health System needed support to increase audience reach and maximize the impact of QHS recruitment advertising, both in Hawai‘i and on the mainland, to fill critical clinical and non-clinical positions. Crawford was engaged to develop creative materials to promote monthly or quarterly job fairs, and 1 to 3 month “hiring blitz” campaigns, encouraging prospects to apply for priority positions in order to fill vacant spots quickly. Due to location, demographic, and linguistic differences between locals and mainlanders, we developed two separate landing pages. One spoke to locals, and the other spoke to mainland prospects in the top-to-mid funnel range. The selling message to mainlanders focused on the appeal of living in Hawai‘i and working for Hawaiʻi’s #1 health system. Over the course of 18 months, we launched 18 blitz campaigns and promoted nine job fairs.

Vision: Through extensive research, Crawford identified five key audiences – the entire state of Hawai‘i, Los Angeles California, Denver Colorado, Texas, Washington, and Arizona. Once Crawford aligned with the client on the priorities, we developed the media recommendation and created several owned and paid media campaigns. Owned tactics included intranet banners, screensavers, organic social posts, E-blasts, and flyers. Paid tactics included paid social posts, paid search, LinkedIn and Indeed sponsored job posts, Facebook Event pages, and radio spots. We worked with partners and vendors in many time zones to meet the requests and exceed expectations. One example of a “hiring blitz” was the imaging campaign.  

Outcome: This campaign used owned and paid promotional tactics including an intranet banner, screensaver, paid search, organic static social posts, a paid Meta Carousel Ad, and sponsored job posts on Indeed. Testing revealed that creative executions featuring the salary prominently generated increased applications. This learning was then applied across all applicable campaigns. Over the course of six weeks, this campaign resulted in more than 50 completed applications, over 3,250 clicks, and 532 landing page visits. Below are a few creative tactics used to promote the positions.