United Community Bank Treasury Management Video

United Community Bank

Insight: United Community Bank has always believed in the power of relationships. Its frontline team members—branch tellers and customer service representatives—are essential in matching customers with the best financial solutions possible.

Vision: The goal was to educate branch employees on how to identify customers who might benefit from United’s robust set of Treasury Management services. An animated video was identified as an engaging, memorable way to communicate the necessary information about a complex topic.

The Crawford creative team wrote, concepted, and produced this dynamic video that both explained what Treasury Management services are, and showed how they could identify when these products would be a good fit for a customer.

Outcome: This video has been used in many settings including regional team meetings and sales huddles at the branches. It has also been added to team coaching curriculum that is easily shared and accessed digitally for quick reference. Significant increases in understanding of Treasury Management services have been attributed to this informative and engaging video.